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Our Story

We are passionate about technology and energy. It is our mission to combine the two to deliver a more efficient energy industry value chain.

Boris Nikolić
Draško Mikić

Brings 15 years of experience in building, maintaining and distributing software services in High Availability environments. Every software-based company needs stability, performance and security.

Marko Stanković
Software Engineer
Mina Lukić
Data Scientist

Data scientist with experience of handling massive amounts of data- processing it to fit nicely together and bring important insights. For us, data is more than just numbers, it helps us understand our users and fulfil their needs.

Lazar Radovanović
Backend Developer
Ana Savic
Data Scientist

Enthusiastic power engineer in love with machine learning and data science. Passionate lover of fitness, sports in general and photography.


Tech commercialization, energy systems, sales, academia, industry regulation, data science.

Ian Schneider
John Simonelli
Mark Barry
Allexe Law
Joe Schipani
Cam Fulrath




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